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Here at DE Handball School, other than conducting regular lessons for handballers, we also organize
2 hours handball workshops to introduce the game of handball. This workshop is suitable for those new to the sport and also works as a refresher for those who have had prior experience. In fact, there might be plenty of new things you may learn from our experienced coaches. This workshop is also suitable for organisations to do as a team bonding event or a sports day competition.

The workshop is a 2 hour program and requires a minimum of 14 participants. The cost of each participant for the 2 hour workshop is $25. This fee includes two coaches, a training ground and referees for the mini games.


The break down of the 2 hours workshop as follows;

1st hour

Warm up

Introduction to the game

 Technical Skills required

2nd hour

Mini Games

Cool down


For more inquires, please email us at info@handball.sg

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