C l a s s e s

Here at DE Handball School we provide good and complete training of handball players, imparting the rules and providing the environment to allow them to learn safely. The Coach to Student Ratio is 1 :10.


Sundays 3pm-4.30pm

Age groups



16 yrs and up


One time registration of $30 (includes a Tshirt)

Lessons are 90mins in duration and priced at $30 per lesson.

12 Lessons / Term / 3 Months = $360


Bring a Buddy Program

Bring a friend to learn handball with you today and enjoy the special price of $25 per lesson!

12 Lessons / Term / 3 Months = $300



The time to finish is flexible because doulas https://domyhomework.guru/ read and study at their own pace.

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